Qashqa’i rug – Exhibition ‘South Persian Tribal Rugs’

Qashqa’i rug

from southern Persia

circa 1900

Size: 200 x 142 cm


The Qashqa’i are renowned weavers and have produced arguably the most beautiful tribal rugs in all of Persia, employing a particularly rich palette and using the finest of materials. 

The piece featured here can probably be attributed to the Qashquli subgroup or taifeh based on design. It is a tightly knotted piece with the single narrow ivory ground main border featuring a rosette and stylised leaf design. The field and spandrels are decorated with an unusual and complex repeating motif comprising stylised flowers and stems. Amongst this complex symmetry a plethora of small stylised floral forms with other geometric devices is scattered throughout the field . The dyeing and wool quality are quite superb.