Ersari Beshir carpet

Ersari Beshir carpet
middle Amu Daria region, Uzbekistan
circa 1890
Size: 301 x 167 cm

Initially thought to have been made by tribal people for use in the tent, these rather long and narrow carpets are now considered the products of tribal looms intended for use in the houses of a patronising elite in nearby Bokhara.
Such pieces have more recently been referred to as ‘Khanate of Bokhara’ or ‘middle Amu Daria’ carpets and are the only Turkoman related large carpets which do not show the ‘gul’ (octagonal motif) as the principal element of design.
The repeating field design known as ‘herati’ has likely been borrowed from the Persians.
There is a range of beautiful blues/greens and golden yellows and several shades of red/brown madder.