Ersari tent main carpet

Ersari tent main carpet
western Turkmenistan
circa 1890
Size: 313 x 245 cm
The Ersari were one of eight or so different tribes of the Turkmen people in Central Asia.
The principal motif in most Turkmen artefacts is the gul, an octagonal medallion repeated in a grid across the field of the rug. In the 19th century there were a number of different Turkmen tribes who used the gul as a kind of totem.
These main carpets were the most important artefact in the yurt and brought out on special occasions as when entertaining honoured guests and laid at the back of the tent.
This older example uses a range naturally derived dyes including a broader palette of greens and minor details of clear yellow. The guls are starkly angular.
Some minor damage has now been carefully restored.