Decorative & Collectible Rugs and Carpets
Decorative & Collectible Rugs and Carpets
Decorative & Collectible Rugs and Carpets

Nomadic Rug Traders

Collectible Rugs

We have specialised in the buying and selling of the finest old and antique Persian rugs, Oriental carpets, kilims and textiles for more than forty years.

Each oriental rug, carpet or object of tribal art is chosen with the care, knowledge and discriminating eye wrought of more than four decades experience in the trade worldwide.

Our clientele includes collectors, public galleries and museums. The primary focus is on oriental rugs, carpets, kilims and textiles of the last two centuries from Persia (Iran), Turkey, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and Indonesia. 

Collectible rugs

Decorative Rugs & Carpets

Decorative rugs and carpets are chosen primarily for their aesthetic and harmonious qualities in the context of our living spaces.

Choose a beautiful carpet or rug to be the crowning furnishing piece for any living or dining area. When choosing a rug or carpet as decoration it should be something that inspires and not simply fits the room in size or style. For this reason, professional decorators or interior designers will always choose the major, and often most expensive item, first for a room. Perhaps it is the client’s favourite oriental rug or piece of furniture. Only then are decisions made as to wall colours soft furnishings and drapes etc.

It is always wise to plan around the items you treasure most.

Decorative Rugs
Persian Collectable Rugs

Persian tribal & village rugs

Rugs and kilims of the Qashqa’i, Afshar, Khamseh and Luri tribes of southern Persia. The women of the Qashqa’i are considered amongst the most skilful of all Persian carpet weavers. Different groups such as the Bakhtiyari and Kurds were both settled and nomadic tribespeople

Southeast Asian Textiles

Southeast Asian textiles & tribal art

Batik and Ikat are historically and culturally prominent weaving and dyeing techniques found in Indonesian textile art. Such traditional woven cloths are amongst the finest produced in southeast Asia and Indonesia. The power and presence of Indonesian tribal sculpture is compelling.