Bidjar rug, SOLD

Bidjar rug
from western Persia
circa 1900
Size: 173 x 143 cm

List price: $. 5,500
Sale price $. 3,850

This is not an exceedingly rare small 16th century medallion Ushak. It is in fact an inspired copy and still quite amazing that a village woman from western Persia would have seen such a rare carpet from western Turkey one hundred or so years ago. It is copied in detail in terms of both colour and field design but the scale and border design are distinctly Bidjar. A predominantly Kurdish township in western Persia, Bidjar has had a long association with rug making. Bidjar carpets are of typically robust construction where the foundation woollen warps and wefts are densely packed to give the carpets a ‘stiff’ handle.