Doroksh rug, $1,650

Doroksh rug

from eastern Persia

circa 1900

Size: 173 x 111 cm


List Price: $. 2,200

Sale Price: $. 1,650


Doroksh is a township in the far eastern part of Persia, about half between Kirman and Mashad. Production flourished from the latter part of the 19th century until the early part of the 20th when the weaving focus of the Shah’s ‘revival’ was on Mashad and Kirman.

Certain designs such small repeating botehs or paisley and variations on the herati patterns were frequently if not solely employed in these rugs and  whilst the so-called jufti (one knot passed over two warps) technique was often used, the rugs are finely woven with soft wool. The deep indigo blue diamond medallion contrasts with the soft pink reds, certainly synthetic, in this typically decorative example.