Khamseh rug, Exhibition ‘South Persian Tribal Rugs’

Khamseh rug

from southern Persia

circa 1900

Size: 173 x 115 cm


Shiraz is the capital of the Fars province in southern Persia. It is traditionally the market centre for many of the rug weaving tribal and village people of Fars. This piece was made by the Khamseh who are a confederation of five tribal groups. Although they are closely related to the more powerful Qashqa’i, the Khamseh weave rugs with a darker palette generally and dark brown rather coarse woollen warps. 

The design composition for most of the southern Persian groups is similar – large symmetrical medallions often surrounded by a profusion of smaller stylized animals, particularly chickens, flowers and geometric devices. The ultimate effect is not one of clutter but of great harmony and enduring entertainment.