Avar rug

Avar rug

Daghestan, the northern Caucasus

circa 1900

Size: 165 x 100 cm


Avar kilims are more frequently encountered than Avar pile rugs. Most often the patterns and motifs are the same which is mostly not the case in other rug weaving regions. Avar pile rugs are indeed quite rare items and typically feature bold heraldic-like medallions repeated vertically within the field.

The field motifs in this rug have their antecedents in the earlier so-called ‘shield’ and ‘dragon’ designs – favoured themes of both early Caucasian and Turkish rugs. The small ladder-like device and water ewers are charming additions on the red background. Water ewers often appear on prayer rugs possibly reminding the worshipper to ritually wash before praying. The ladder forms are more mysterious.