Senneh kilim

Senneh kilim
from western Persia
late 19th century
Size: 205 x 125 cm

The city of Senneh (now known as Sanandaj) is the provincial capital of Persian Kurdistan and for at least two centuries has produced rugs and kilims of outstanding quality.
Senneh kilims are totally different both technically and aesthetically to the bold designs of tribal kilims woven by Kurdish people elsewhere. They are basically slit-woven, although the Senneh weavers have refined the weaving of extra weft inserts and curved wefts to a level not usually found in other kilims. This permits the curvilinear outline of the design or motif to flow without steps or interruption.
Fine old Senneh kilims have been keenly sought by western collectors since the early part of the 20th century and treasured because of their fineness of weave, subtle tones and elegant patterns.