Malayer runner, $2,200

Malayer runner

from western Persia

dated 1892

Size: 346 x 104 cm


List Price: $. 2,750

Sale Price: $. 2,200


Malayer is a township in western Persia where a predominantly kurdish population of weavers produce rugs of superior technical and artistic quality to the majority of so-called Hamadan carpets of the region. Technically, these pieces are finely knotted using only a single row of wefts between each row of knots in their construction.  This gives a distinctive appearance to the back of the rug; a dotted pattern where the warps are exposed. The repeating stylised flower and stem motif interspersed with lots of charming stylised human figures dominate the dark indigo field. There are cartouches bearing inscriptions with a date at the top of the field. The Islamic date is 1331 A.H. which converts to 1892 C.E.