Luri double bags, Exhibition ‘South Persian Tribal Rugs’

Luri double bags

from southern Persia

early 20th century

Size: 160 x 42 cm


The Lurs people are some of the oldest inhabitants of the Iranian plateau and are closely linked with the Bakhtiyari, who are considered by some to be a sugroup, and the Khamseh Confederation to the south.

Unlike the Bakhtiyari,  the Lurs have kept a low  profile pursuing a traditional lifestyle as nomads and pastoralist farmers, migrating bi-annually, and inhabiting the Zagros mountains and adjacent plains to the south in winter.

 Like many other animal and tent trappings, saddle bags were used in the traditional manner over the neck or over the rump of the horse but in the home, as storage bags, and also for ceremonial and welcoming purposes.