Bakshaish Carpet

Bakshaish carpet
north Persia
late 19th Century
Size: 570 x 335cm

Bakshaish is a village in northwest Persia near Heriz which produced rugs and large carpets until the end of last century.
The products of Bakshaish are generally finer in construction than nearby Heriz carpets and floppier to handle.
The most striking feature of such carpets is the bold design, full of vitality and character unlike the large carpets made in city workshops.

The focus here is on a monumental split palmette motif in the border as part of the meandering ‘herati’ pattern surrounding a beautiful abrashed light blue field strewn with stylised tulips.
Such attributes of design and colour make this a very desirable large carpet.
Together with Ziegler, Agra & Serapi, Bakshaish carpets are considered the absolute ‘bee’s knees’ of old roomsize carpets.