Borjalu Kazak rug

Borjalu Kazak rug

from the southern Caucasus

circa 1900

Size: 220 x 146 cm


In the Caucasus many rugs are identified by design and indeed one of the more confusing aspects of rug terminology is the practice of attributing rugs sometimes by design, sometimes market place, sometimes tribes. 

Basically, the Borjalu design incorporates a central medallion (a diamond superimposed on a square), or several arranged vertically in the field. The secondary motifs are quite sparse in this piece, some small geometric devices and stylised animals scattered randomly in the field. The borders are quite powerful and complex reciprocal arrangements of the trefoil motif in complimentary colours, ivory and dark brown, green and red.

This is a fine example of those southern Caucasian rugs generally characterised by bold, strongly geometric patterns and vibrant colour which have long been admired because of their great artistic qualities.