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Stock: Central Asian and Chinese Rugs and Textiles

Ersari tent main carpet

Ersari tent main carpet northern Afghanistan / western Turkmenistan circa 1860 Size: 256 x 220 cm The Ersari were one of eight or so different tribes of the Turkmen people who inhabited the area that is now part of the independent states of Turkestan and Uzbekistan as well as Afghanistan. The principal motif in most Turkmen artefacts is the...
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Bokhara Suzani

Bokhara Suzani Uzbekistan circa 1850 Size: 248 x 172 cm Suzani, a term which is derived from the Persian word for needle, describes a type embroidered panel made in Central Asia. Suzani were traditionally embroidered (usually silk on cotton) by the women of the bride’s family. The bride herself would over several years have completed a ‘suite’ of embroideries....
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