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Stock: Caucasian Village Rugs and Kilims

Kuba rug

[caption id="attachment_1392" align="alignleft" width="1000"] Kuba rug, eastern Caucasus, late 19thc. Size; 120x82cm [/caption] Kuba rug from the eastern Caucasus circa 1880 Size: 129 x 82cm A small rug with the conventional design of so-called blossom Kubas on a blue or blue/green ground. The ivory border comprises another classic stylised serrated leaf meander....
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Fachralo Kazak Rug, Southern Caucasus

Fachralo Kazak rug from the southern Caucasus circa 1880 Size: 158 x 113 cm

One the great classical designs that features prominently in 19th century Caucasian weaving is the so called ‘Fachralo’ design. It is found in coarser and longer pile Kazak rugs from the southern Caucasus and incorporates a very specific central medallion motif (a diamond...
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