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Kuba rug

[caption id="attachment_1392" align="alignleft" width="604"] Kuba rug[/caption] Kuba rug from the eastern Caucasus circa 1880 Size: 129 x 82cm A small rug with the conventional design of so-called blossom Kubas on a blue or blue/green ground. The ivory border comprises another classic stylised serrated leaf meander....
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Bokhara Suzani

Bokhara Suzani Uzbekistan circa 1850 Size: 248 x 172 cm Suzani, a term which is derived from the Persian word for needle, describes a type embroidered panel made in Central Asia. Suzani were traditionally embroidered (usually silk on cotton) by the women of the bride’s family. The bride herself would over several years have completed a ‘suite’ of embroideries....
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